Meditation of Gratitude in Sermon Struggle

From 9am to 8:30pm, meditating on God’s Word. It’s such a struggle with the flesh to focus for such a long time on a sermon that will quickly be over…and all the while, you don’t even know if it will be any good. But then, there’s that point at the end, when you’re left crying over your notes and keyboard, and you don’t even know why you are crying…except that the overwhelming reality sinks into your Holy-Spirit-saturated-heart that Jesus Christ has paid for your sin.
And it only took 12 hours to get there, 12 hours to break through all the callousness and selfishness of wanting to do something else…anything else…but sit at this keyboard all day on a Saturday.
But now, strengthened by the presence of God, you realize that this has been the most precious kind of day, because for one brief moment you beheld the overwhelming glory of the Father…a glory that took nearly 12 hours of meditation and spiritual thinking to even approach. But now, rejoicing in God’s mercy, you would gladly spend another 12 days to remain here with Him like this.
And no matter how the sermon lands on a busy and tired people, you can have peace in knowing that you…fallen, sinful man…have drawn near to the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and beheld His glory. And the grace of God is more than we deserve.