iPad Bible Study: 1 John 1

Even in the first century the followers of Jesus were attacked by people who called themselves Christians, but taught that various forms of sin were okay.  Sound familiar?

Here is the Apostle John, pleading with the church to listen to him.  This is the same John who was a fisherman when Jesus called him, the same John who leaned on Jesus at the last supper, and the same John who had faithfully followed Jesus – in the flesh – for years.

And yet, people who had never seen Jesus, never heard his voice or travelled a day with him, are claiming to have a better, truer knowledge of Jesus and his teachings than John.   Here is John pleading with people to listen to him:

What sort of stupidity…what sort of blindness…ignores the words of John in order to embrace somebody else’s understanding of Jesus and his teaching?  I mean, John should know!  John should know what Jesus taught!  But even in the first century, when apostles like John were still alive in the flesh, the church was being attacked by those who taught that sin wasn’t actually sin, Jesus wasn’t actually the Son of God in the flesh, and there was some secret knowledge of God that only the super spiritual could have.

Same stuff is happening today, and has been happening ever since 1 John.  People want to teach a version of Christianity that doesn’t call sin what it is.  People want to dummy down Jesus until there’s nothing supernatural about Him at all.  And people want to pay big money to follow special false-apostles so they can experience God through miracles and events that 2,000 years of church history somehow missed out on.

Don’t fall for it. That’s John’s message.  Believe the testimony…the simple, blessed testimony of the apostles in the Bible.