Easy Millionaire For Teens

What This Post Is Meant To Do:

Math.  This post is meant to do math.  This isn’t pastoral advice.  This isn’t my biography.  It’s just math – math for people who want to make things really simple for young people they care about who have no clue what to do with finances at 18 years old.

Show it to a teenager before they start doing stupid stuff.  Tell them, “If you do this, you will be a millionaire.”

Here is a Google Spreadsheet…click here.

It’s self-explanatory.  It’s not hard to understand.  You don’t need a 401k (although, if you have that option…great).  You don’t need a pension.  You don’t need to inherit lots of money.  You don’t need huge real-estate investments.  The math works.

If you need help with Step 4 or 5, holler at me.  It’s easy.